Fire Damage Do's and Don'ts 


What You Can Do:

Open all windows.

Discard all exposed foodstuffs.

Take pictures or record video.

Call Advantage Cleaning & Restoration Contractors immediately at 978 688-1111.



What Not To Do:

Don't try to clean and/or deodorize affected areas yourself.  




In Case Of Emergency, Call the Cleaning & Restoration Professionals at 978.688.1111.

living room no damage, cleaned
When catastrophe strikes in a moment's notice, either from flooding, fire, mold encroachment or from other unexpected forces, you need to call on the team of of integrated experts and craftspeople who can get the job done very well, get you all you deserve from your insurance claims and return your peace of mind. You need an advantage–Advantage Cleaning & Restoration Contractors.

Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts since 1993, Advantage Cleaning & Restoration Contractors is owned and operated by Ken Barry. Ken is a licensed home improvement contractor, certified mold remediator and a certified restoration contractor in the insurance repair industry. Fire or flood damage to your home or business can be a real disaster - unless the problem is treated efficiently.  Timely action can be an asset, but incorrect cleaning and restoration can seriously increase overall property losses. Advantage offers you an integrated array of services to turn a disaster into a dream.  We work closely with your insurance company, providing accurate estimates and timely repairs and we deliver prompt, personalized service.  

Our 24/7 Immediate Response Services Include:


Water Damage Restoration

Flooded Wet Basement/Crawl Space Restoration

Broken / Frozen Water Pipe Flood Damage Restoration

Wet Carpet Removal & Restoration

Water and Sewage Extraction & Clean up

Complete Structural Drying  

Complete Disinfection, Deodorizing & Sanitization

Fire, Smoke and Soot Damage Cleaning/Restoration

Content Pack-out/Pack-back Direct Billing to Insurance

Mold Detection, Remediation, Removal & Prevention

Disaster Recovery

Air Quality Improvement

Loss Mitigation

Reconstruction, Repair & Renovation

Insurance Facilitation

Direct Billing to Insurance

Residential & Commercial Work


When it comes to water damage, fire damage or mold, you need an advantage. Call on the Advantage Team of Cleaning & Restoration experts. We work quickly to restore your "home" to your house, restore your "business as usual" and always restore your peace of mind. Call us today at 978.688.1111.



Fire Hazard icon


Fire Damage Devastates, Advantage Alleviates–and Restores


Fire Damaged kitchen


Even a small fire produces a significant amount of residual damage. Smoke can spread to your furniture, clothes, electronics and ventilating system. Depending on what has burned during the fire, we can deploy hundreds of different combinations of air, surface and substrate cleaning and sealing solutions.




Fire, Soot & Smoke Damage Remediation Services Include

Fire Cleanup
Remove black soot, dust, water, extinguisher foam and debris.

Odor Removal
Eliminate fire and smoke odors.

Restoration and Repairs  
Rebuild all damaged areas and put your property back together.


Our Fire Damage Restoration Steps:


1. Assess the Damage

2. Remove Odors

3. Deodorize

4. Clean All Surfaces Meticulously

5. Sanitize HVAC Systems

6. Resolve Your Insurance Claims

Fire in your home or business? Call Advantage Cleaning & Restoration Contractors now at 978.688.1111.







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